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Toms is a well known footwear company which for every pair purchased, they donate another to a child who is in need. The company have now gone on to develop an eyewear range and do the same kind of thing for children with eyesight problems, except they aim to provide effective treatment for those with vision impairment.

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Toms shows how simple it is to provide effective help by using consumerism for the better, unfortunately it didn’t take long for other companies to catch on to the Toms shoe trend and begin to replicate the shoes but without providing the benefits to the in need that the company had been created for and even worse, people bought the fakes because each pair of Toms cost about £30, it seemed that people chose to ignore the good the company was doing and wanted to follow the trend regardless by purchasing £6 versions. The concept is inspiring and actually quite basic, theres nothing complex about it and yet its having a big impact on many lives.


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