My Idea

Having looked at all of the research I’ve noticed a very small crack in the market, there are so many shopping sites already which offer people/artists the opportunity to sell their work online in order to create a wider range of audience many of which take substantial percentages for whatever reason they choose. But from the looks of things nobody except that artist and the company is benefitting from this. With more and more funding cuts and people struggling to afford the basics organisations that do work for mental health are having to stretch their funding even further, trying to do more with less is a hard ask of anyone, let alone a group of people working to help individuals who find day to day life tough.
My intention is to set up an online store/community by which artists are able to exhibit and sell their work whilst a percentage of profits go towards a mental health charity/organisation. This will regularly change and allow shoppers, artists and even talent scouts to find out more about mental health organisations. This would begin with charities in the leeds area but if there was any kind of demand then this could go even further. There will be regular blog post updates about goings on around local areas etc and ways people can get involved, artist features/interviews, competitions, things like that in order for people to engage with the site. I hope that I will have a comments section so that the artists can receive feedback and network with other artists.
Mental health is becoming more and more the topic of peoples interests with the number of students studying psychology booming, with more people talking about it whether it is about themselves or those around them. Mental health issues affect 1/4 people in the UK and this means that it is highly likely everyone will be impacted by/around these issues at some point in life. Hopefully using this I would be able to increase peoples knowledge of the subject, to become more engaged with it and whats going on in the communities around them. I want there to be a real emphasis on the benefits art can have on mental health.

The next step is developing this site, and building it from scratch which is really quite daunting especially when I want so many aspects to it. I’m going to need to think of a name, logo and look for the site.


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