Tutorial with Graham

We were required to take our two artists into a tutorial and explain how these were linked to one another and how they were linked to our own interests, although we were not supposed to be thinking about a final piece at this point I was interested in creating a installation piece due to feeling like I had some success in the practice last year for our self directed projects.
Having explained my reasoning behind the choice of the two artists I had already looked at, Graham raised many important issues with these two artists and despite agreeing with some points steered the conversation towards a far more grounded approach, I would need to look more locally and at things which were actually having an impact on people within the community around us as opposed to a small closed off group like the type of people going into galleries like the ones  Emin and the Chapman Brothers work is exhibited in. He wanted me to find two more local artists creating artwork around mental illnesses which are not being shut away inside an exhibition.
I came away from the meeting feeling a lot more interested in the topic and with a broader look at the possibilities of what I could do, rather than limiting myself to an installation piece.


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