The Love Arts Launch

In The Light centre The Love Arts Launch began on the 16th October with Visual Communication students creating a stunning display in the window of the Fabrication shop. The launch spanned 10 days with events occurring across Leeds over that period of time. Although I didn’t make to to the initial launch on the 16th I did make it to the launch within those days and was really impressed.

IMG_4114 IMG_4115 IMG_4116
IMG_4117 IMG_4118

The Love Arts organisation is the first on its kind from the NHS with the intention of getting people to talk about and think about mental health, they feel like using artwork is a great way of doing this. They have hosted numerous events across Leeds over the 4 years they have been operating including their recent Love Arts Conversation.
During the Lights Love Arts display, the artists who were exhibiting their work were able to sell them for a fixed price of their choice, which I think was very interesting, its broadening the range of people who will see their work to including the passers by through the shopping centre…the kind of audience who may not always see this kind of thing. This really got me thinking.


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