In my proposal at the start of the project I identified a range of skills I wanted to gain more experience in or try for the first time and many I did. Having a personal identity to my work is something I was really focused on and although I am some of the way there I do have a long way to go on that front, these short videos are merely the baby steps towards that goal. The thing I concentrated on the most during this is stop frame animation, a process which has interested me for many years.
During this part of the project I have learnt how to use an entirely new software and even though I attended a short workshop on it, I wasn’t prepared for how difficult the software would be, but any problems so far I managed to overcome alone. The main source of learning this software was trial and error, if one thing didn’t work it meant something else would need to be done, luckily I remembered to save the videos a lot and so this allowed me not to impact any decent work I had already composed. Another thing I learnt how to use in this project is Vimeo, the video website which is far simpler than I had imagined it would be and allowed my videos to be uploaded onto my blog in a simple manner. I began the project by doing screen printing, which I do believe is beneficial to me in the long run but I couldn’t see myself working with it during this particular process. However I now feel that perhaps screen printing the characters and then cutting them out rather than relying on hand drawn ones may allow more detail to be shown in the photographing process with darker and also less messy lines.
Throughout this process I have mainly learned on my own, with the help of online tutorials where necessary. To me this is the best way for me to learn, having problems with my phonological understanding due to dyslexia means that I can often forget very quickly any information relayed to me during workshops like the stop frame one, and although I did refer to the notes a couple of times which I made on the day I have remembered far more of the things I’ve learned alone than what I did that day. I am hoping that as I continue to use this software that I can develop more basic skills and then go on to more complex pieces of work, already going from a single character to two and making them work together was a step in the right direction.
I’ve learnt that I can manage my time well, despite having lazy times at points I feel pleased with what I’ve done in this amount of time and look forward to using the software further. I feel independent study very beneficial to my own practice as problem solving and the workload rests solely on my own shoulders, group work is something I struggle with especially when waiting for other people to produce vital work for projects. I did stick to my timetable quite well, it gave me a focus if I lost my way at any point.
From the beginning of this process I feel a lot more confident in my own learning ability and know that although I ay want to try loads of different things all at once it is more beneficial to concentrate more effort on one thing, than little effort on multiple things. However I will need to at some point edit the 3 scenes together.


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