Desk setup for shooting scenes

IMG_4221 IMG_4222

Creating a makeshift photo shoot area was quite fun, using a figurine box as a tripod in order to keep the camera at a good level for shooting. Additionally because my lamp has a yellow-ish bulb it meant that shots were coming out looking yellow which really ruins any quality there was initially, so I had to use my phones torch throughout the torch placed diagonally on the masking tape in the bottom corner of the bottom picture so that light wasnt reflecting off of the black ink and causing any glare in the shot which would impact how much the audience could see.

What made this shoot difficult is not being able to move away from the computer as dragon frame requires the camera to be constantly connected to the computer in order for the images to be on the software so any more elaborate plans I did have were stunted by lack of ability to move about, although this would have made lining up each frame incredibly hard.


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