Whilst going through the ideas process behind this short stop frame animation I wondered how I would go about creating some scenery, one of the first techniques which came to mind was quite a scrap book looking piece due to the combination of hand generated illustrations and scrap book looks working aesthetically well together.

One of the leading artists in this style is David Fullarton, an artist I have been interested in for quite a number of years not just because of his talent in the style he uses but also his sense of humour within his pieces.

David-Fullarton-1 Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 23.45.51
These show how scrapbook style work and illustrations work well together, along with the various fonts used alongside I find Fullartons work really interesting and funny to read.

However my attempt was not as successful, despite doing work like this in college, I definitely feel like I’ve lost any ability I did have.


After creating this I didn’t feel it would add anything positive to the overall look of the stop frame animation, the character itself wouldn’t particularly fit with this style and may work better with a more simple type of scenery.


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