Stop Frame Development

Whilst trying to get used to the software I played around with ways in which to take the photos whilst also trying to keep the camera in the same place and lining the whole thing up with previous scenes.
At first it took me a while to realise how to rewatch the frames that I had already photographed, but soon realised it was by going onto the cinematography section of the software and that the remote control section works for both areas.

Because the camera was knocked at some point in one of the few frames taken it switches about and doesnt work as well but it did allow me to see how short the changes between each frame need to be in order for a smoother transition.

In this take my holding of the camera was very unsteady and no frame was lined up with the previous one, this means that attention was taken away from the illustration and instead viewers would become overwhelmed by too much movement on the screen.

Here the video was far more successful, the illustration moves smoother, I want to try making the frames move quicker to see if it will stop the movement between looking quite as jittery. This is 6 frames per second.

This is 8 frames per second and does work better than my initial attempt had. One thing I will look to tackle in future videos is having the illustrations more aligned and the paper they are on not moving as much.

However thanks to creating these I have a much better grasp of the software and shortcuts in order to make the process run smoother, I’ve seen plenty of mistakes made within these videos and aim to correct these as I continue the process.


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