Stop Motion/Frame Session

The stop motion session was a very useful introduction to software I’ve never come into contact with before, keeping notes throughout will allow me to refer back to them if there is something I am having trouble with when using the software alone.

the notes-

Fix Camera to fixture
Use dragon frame
Set camera to base setting
Set ISO to 100 and only increase if you cant get light into the camera
Focus Camera Manually
If not the right way, rotate and then add guide frames
Make the screen smaller

Take a note of all your settings when you set them so you can start up at the exact point you left
You can copy and paste frames to create longer scenes
Export image sequence- will make it into one big film rather than frames

High resolution JPEG
1920 by 1080 pixels-33.33% of original size
1220 by 720, 100% quality, put into folder, 85% to high quality

(to add a film from the session at later date)


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