Jewellery Induction

Having being interested in the process of jewellery making for a few years I was really excited to go to the induction and made enough notes that I could comfortably refer back to them if I was to go back into the workshop alone. Some of the machines are only available for use if they are set up by the workshop assistants first as they are categorised as more dangerous then others and it is their responsibility if anything goes wrong with the machines if we are abiding by the rules of the area.

notes from the session.

Blue-jewellery-no danger
Green-Dont need supervision but to be cautious whist using them
Red- Welding etc-Students need assistance

Always keep an eye on metal prices, sheet of brass painted copper steel=£150
You need to order/buy materials in using the workshops suppliers.

Guillotine- will cut the metal sheet, feed it through and kick the step down
sand blasting machine- engraving, patterns, names, etc smoothes down, will remove rust and uneven surfaces

You can get a photo onto the metal, get the photo paper, go to get it exposed then into the hydrochloric acid-1/2 hour later the image will appear
Pewter- not lead any more because people were losing their teeth. 1 kilo of pewter=£40 melt back down as many times as you like.

Always wear goggles

Precious metals-copper, titanium etc

If you heat the aluminium too much, the particles will begin to move too much and the metal will run when setting creating uneven or bubbly surfaces.

Drilling- simply going down
Milling- moving the bench

Dont use aluminium on the grinder, low melting point and the stone can explode killing someone.

Red Boc Machine- Little wire, fuses metal together by using the melting wire, only for steel.
‘Zeus Pencil’ machine- allows you to draw through metal, melting it as you draw over it.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish the workshop, having been ill over the past week and not sleeping very well, I didn’t feel it was safe to remain in the workshop with lagging concentration, but do intend to go back to use the workshop.


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