Screen Printing

After really enjoying the screen printing process last year and not having chance to experiment further I was really keen to take part in the induction in order to brush up on the basics of last year, this would allow me to confidently use the facilities without relying too much on the assistants other than at necessary points.
Knowing that I wanted my work for Visual literacy to focus on illustrations and attempting to get my own identity I created a dot work piece to screen print, dot work is something I have been doing for a few months now and thoroughly enjoy it, however it is difficult to establish yourself within the field as it is such a huge up and coming style with more and more artists adopting the technique and doing it far better than myself. My initial doubts that the dot work could work very well with the screen printing would help me to determine how far I took the style through this project.

IMG_0001  IMG_0002 IMG_0003


Trying to further my illustrative abilities I chose to do quite a complex piece rather than doing something really simple, by adding depth and overlapping into the piece, it worked a lot better than I had expected visually.

Having concerns about the level of detail which would show through I spoke to two different assistants, both of whom believed some detail may be lost such as the background and the light trails, but overall a lot would remain in tact and it wasn’t something to worry about.

However whilst waiting for my own piece to be exposed during the session, I stood too close to the hose which removes the excess emulsion after exposure and this made some inks run in my piece, trying to ensure this didn’t impact the exposure process I went back over the run ink and made it darker.

IMG_0005  IMG_0007  IMG_0006

The image was then exposed, and the areas that had been ink damaged, but gone back over showed the most detail, they were really dark which made me think perhaps when working with dot work, it is best to go back over the trouble areas which could potentially be lost and make them darker using a pen rather than doing it on the original in case more detail is lost when the piece is printed out.

IMG_0008  IMG_0013  IMG_0012

Overall more detail showed through than even myself or the assistants had anticipated which was really good and would definitely make the piece look better, although it would have been interesting to use a different colour, I did feel that considering so many small details that it would be more beneficial to do the piece using black ink.
IMG_0009                                     IMG_0010
-enough pressure wasn’t applied and ink ran at the bottom                               -slight lack of pressure at the bottom but overall the best one

The quality of the screen prints wasn’t to a standard which I would happily hand in as a final piece, I certainly need to put a lot more work into this but do feel that this would be better during my own time rather than during the visual literacy project. I feel that learning a new process that I’m really interested in would be better use of the next few weeks. However at some point I will be going back to learn the process of foiling.





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