Illustration Research

Illustration Research

Illustration- a depiction or a visualization made by an artist, such as a drawing, sketch, painting, photography etc.
Illustrator- A person who draws or creates pictures for magazines, books advertising etc.

How to become a successful Illustrator


-Difficult to define but the dissolution of traditional subject areas and increased flexibility provided by digital environments has allowed more commercial opportunities for illustrators.
-More commonplace now for illustrators to have several form of web presence to promote their work.
-The area is in a state of flux as local industries eg publishing and editorial avenues are struggling with a large evolution. The imagery is now all around us and shifting from more subtle things like tshirt designs and book sleeves.

“Become familiar with architecture, landscape and the human form from every angle… That’s where maintaining a sketch book comes in, to help build that repository of information”- Matt Jones

“One of the first things an illustrator should learn when starting a career and should always keep in mind is that we are all unique, but replaceable, and, no matter good we can get there are always scores of others ready to wear our shoes. This is called competition but that must not be synonymous with accepting cheaper fees or worse contracts in order to get a job; on the contrary, competition should be a positive force to make us progress in both the artistic field as much in the way we are able to communicate with our clients and discuss the terms and agreements under which we are going to work.”- Paolo Rui

-Having design skills and sensibilities is vital. Being aware of shifting boundaries and new possibilities is important. Cultivating an individual voice is the tip of the iceberg.

Looking through this book made me realise that keeping a sketchbook would be quite important in order to improve any illustrative skills I do have, it will help me to concentrate on a particular style and assist in discovering what works and what doesn’t. Even just doodling inanimate objects and making up people will assist me in getting a better approach to drawing. Gaining more confidence in this subject is particularly important to me as it is something I thoroughly enjoy and even if it doesn’t become my specialised subject overall at least I know I’ve tried and made some kind of improvement.


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