Visual Literacy Proposal

1. What is your action plan for the year?

To extend and improve my portfolio, including more work focused on my main goal on raising awareness of mental illnesses. To develop more skills in subject areas I am interested in whilst also beginning to develop more of an artistic identity within some of those areas.

2. What area(s) of practice(s) do you intend to develop?

Screen printing, installations, illustrations, animation.

3. What technology, equipment and software are you likely to use as a practitioner?

Screen printing machines, stationary, photoshop, illustrator, after effects.

4. Identify gaps in your knowledge?

How to form my own artistic identity, how to get my work seen by a larger audience, small bits of knowledge here and there of processes e.g. in screen printing.

5. What learning are you doing to support this?

workshops in screen printing, animation, woodwork etc taking books out of the library and making notes on specific areas and useful tips.

6. Have you considered the broader developments in technology and the future of visual communication?

yes, being well practiced in each area of interest and maintaining interest will allow for any further developments and the future of visual communication is likely to be bright, members of the public are becoming more interested in the problems around them and changing society for the better in any way they can, hopefully a snowballing situation will push visual communication further into the future.


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