The Mirror drawing’s text


Despite using another persons neater handwriting, I was still not happy with how this looked. It didn’t give off the beautiful/horrible contrast I was looking for, it just looked like a junior school teachers handwriting on a black board, and pretty wonky as well. So I decided to redo this as it was the weakest element of my work. I painted back over the piece and allowed it to try whilst I figured out which way to do it. 
      My initial idea had been to do the writing repetitively, with the words continuously written and it almost looking like a sentence. It could have even worked as a written version of the interviewee’s statement but the idea was to have this as the thoughts the girl has when she looks in the mirror. So I decided the initial idea would be the best way forward and hoped that it would look okay, the only thing I wasn’t worried about was it being badly slanted, its something I can manage to do decently. 

This communicates the idea far better, with people even commenting during the exhibition on how they were shocked what the words actually said when they read it, because it contrasted so well with the actual mirror drawing itself. Its definitely more appealing and much more effective than it had initially looked so I’m very glad I decided to make that change. It drew many many more people during the exhibition than I had been expecting. 


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