The exhibition

Preparation for the exhibition was great, it may have been slightly stressful at times but it showed just how well our group works together and the willingness to help one another wherever possible, people who had nothing to do if their own had been finished were asking others if they would like help so it was a good experience setting up the exhibition. 


Although some people may have gotten a little bit too into it and begun some form of yoga display half way through

ImageAs the audience gathered, librarian Chris opened the event for us with a lovely speech and got everyone quite excited, although I did have to dash in past him quite quickly to turn on the audio for my piece. 

ImageImageImageImageIt was great to see people interacting with the piece so well, so many people approached me to say that they had really taken in the experience and got a lot out of it so the piece was effective, it was nice to see people excited about going into it and discussing the piece between themselves without me being involved. Conversation caused about an issue like mental illness is definitely a step in the right direction and something like this really makes something that not everybody experiences become far more personal and it was having some kind of effect on the audience. It was difficult to get a photo of too many people going into it or coming out without making them feel like they were being watched/looking a bit creepy or even obsessed with the piece. 


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