The blackout curtain

I was told by the woodwork tutor Roger that I would probably be able to borrow an old blackout curtain from the photography department for a week so I decided to work on the rest of the box and make it look as good as possible before getting the curtain/door because then I could work it around what I had rather than just doing it through guesswork. 
        I went down to the photography department to ask if they had any that I could borrow and the answer was immediately no, I found out the blackout curtains they have are worth over £3,000 and I wouldn’t have wanted to nail that to a box. So I had to find an alternate despite this only being one day until hand in. I knew I needed to get fabric to create the door and it needed to be thick but the haberdashery is really expensive, it was then suggested to me to try the textiles departments fabric shop, despite arriving 5 minutes after it closed the tutors were nice enough to help me out and sold me 3m of really thick navy/black fabric for £15. ImageImageImageImage

After sewing the curtain in half, upon trying it on the box I found that it was just slightly too small, and was letting light through, so I had to go back down to the textile room to ask if they had any scrap material that I could attach to the bottom of the curtain like a fabric lip. The only way I had to attach it to the curtain was using a staple gun but it worked and it prevented light coming in which is all I wanted. 

I also borrowed an uncomfortable small stool from the ceramics department and cleaned it of all the plaster so that people could sit on it without being covered in white dust and paint. 

To check out how the sound worked within the box I brought in my old phone and an iPod dock and played the audio whilst sitting on the chair with the curtain closed. It works surprisingly well, because the space is so small the sound almost echoes and it sounds like the voice is surrounding you, it becomes incredibly easy to become utterly lost within it whilst staring at a completely blank black wall in front of you and lights above your head created quite a calm closed off atmosphere, a couple of people also tried it out like this and they were really impressed, the only complaint we all had was the fact it was absolutely boiling inside the box, but I did want to make people feel uncomfortable in the first place so it does kind of work in my favour, except people may just get fed up of it and get out, unfortunately the exhibition is in the middle of a heatwave! 


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