Feedback Book

I added a little book next to my piece, purely because I didn’t want to be constantly asking every single person who went into the box what they thought of it, I wanted people to be able to go in and out freely without feeling like they had to be interrogated as they left, but hoped that they would have something to say about what they had experienced. 

Despite only receiving a few pieces, it is more than I expected and really great feedback. 


ImageImageImageThe feedback clearly shows some form of success, managing to get people to feel completely submerged in the experience despite being in the middle of an incredibly busy exhibition is a great feeling and good to know that some people intend to keep what they heard during the piece in mind when they come across things about mental illness in the future. For some people it did exactly what I wanted it to and made them feel the isolation, loneliness and trapped feelings people would get with these disorders, others felt it was quite peaceful, which is also quite positive, if it still managed to help them concentrate solely on what was being said then that still works well overall. 


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