Eating Disorders in the Media

One of the most well known cases is that of Isabelle Caro, a french model who died at just 28 years old after suffering with anorexia nervosa for a number of years her case being one of the most high profile due to her involvement in the ‘no anorexia campaign’ in which she posed naked in order to show the true extent of what the disorder can do to the body. It is absolutely petrifying just how skeletal this woman looked, its like every single bone in her body is protruding. 

In the fashion industry there is no shortage of stories of the models dying as a result of an eating disorder, many of which felt pressure from the industry itself to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest time possible, despite some regulations being in place the women still feel it is an opportunity to further their careers. When a 5″10 individual weighs just about 8/9st there is something seriously wrong and its an issue which needs targeting more, because it is not just impacting these females, killing them, it is devastating their families and implanting into the minds of other young women that they need to be the same/look the same in order to be successful and they get into a state of mind in which they almost ignore the deaths of the models because what is most important is becoming a well known model. 


In another story 2 sisters died within just months of each other, the oldest just after being on a catwalk and on her way to her dressing room collapsed and died, the other collapsed and died at the home of her grandmother, both were malnourished and had alarmingly low BMI’s. 

I think the most shocking thing about this story is the statement from her agent ‘it is obvious the sisters deaths must be due to a genetic problem’ its almost as if they are completely ignoring the impact the things they say to these kinds of girls will have on their lives and the only way they personally can deal with it is to go completely into denial. One of the girls had been living on diet coke and lettuce for 3 months so how this could be blamed on ‘genetics’ is incredible and a clear highlight as to the problems within this industry. There are tales of cheese cubes diets where people jus eat a piece of cheese when they begin to get hunger, tales of people not eating for weeks, having to leave jobs because they no longer have the energy to move out of bed. 


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