Audio Editing

Overall the total interview recordings were approximately half an hour or more, and to prevent the people listening to it from becoming uninterested and leaving, I wanted to edit it to become about 4-5 minutes long. 
          The issue I found with the audio is that because the questions are on the same illness, there was a lot of disjointed information, as in pieces of speech which would go together really well were from two different questions and in two different recordings which means they would need to be seamlessly edited together so that the whole thing would appear to flow just as any interview would. Doing this I found a huge problem was that where the two pieces of audio joined there always seemed to be a click of some kind between it, which meant I was editing out important bits of audio in order to remove these, however this was not benefitting the piece and this was pointed out by David when he listened to the first edit I had done, which I knew was full of a huge amount of issues. I basically wanted to have a second opinion on the flow of it and how well the sentences worked together, and apparently it worked. 
         David then explained to me that I needed to make sure that only the most important things are included and in many of the cases it seems like she was building up to another important thing after another but she just kind of repeats the point. So I needed to pick out the most important bits, in many cases she makes a valid point after valid point and these pieces will capture the attention of audiences really well but as the editor I needed to decide what was important enough in the other clips to keep and what wasn’t. Doing this I realised that asking for other peoples opinions on it at regular intervals gives you more of an idea how it is sounding as things can begin to merge together or you can forget issues easily. 
        After playing the audio on the iPod dock I found it worked far better than it had through ear phones, it seemed a far more smooth piece and the imperfections had seemed to fade away, this could also be because of the environment in which it is being listened but as far as an effective piece of interview audio goes I think its very strong, the rawness of the interview is still very much there with pauses and um’s left in so it seems very natural and almost like the viewer is listening to part of a conversation.


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