Tutorial with David


At this stage it was easy to target specific things which needed doing, having a list of these made sure that all would be done as missing one component would mean the overall experience could be impacted and wouldn’t be right. 
     The only issue I did have was how to play the audio on repeat throughout the exhibition week, I needed something small that could be easily hidden and this is why I couldn’t use a mac, however after talking with David about it I realised that I would be able to use an old iPhone by converting the finished audio piece into an MP3, adding it to the phones iTunes playlist and playing it on repeat. 
      Although the tutorial was short, it gave me more confidence that I was on the right lines and was going to be able to get everything done in time for the show, it removed the typical reaction at that stage to begin panicking because I knew I would be able to get it done without worrying. 


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