The Mirror Artwork


I completed the pointillism sketch, its by far the most complex thing I’ve done but I think its quite beautiful and works really well against how the individual with an eating disorder see themselves so the contrast is really strong. 


I drew out the outline using a measuring tape and pencil to try to make sure everything was in line and that the piece was directly in the centre of the box’s wall. It was difficult working on large scale for the first time, I kept finding problems with alignment which impacted the overall look of the whole piece but luckily I had loads of leftover paint to go over the incorrect lines, or bits that I had rubbed out, it was tough to get everything to look perfect and crisp as it had done in the image, especially using a chalk pen against a rough surface but it paid off eventually. Even when wrong just the contrast between the black background and the white drawing worked nice enough to gain attention and compliments from those who saw it. 



My biggest issue is definitely the words, personally I have terrible handwriting and therefore didn’t feel my own would be appropriate, so I asked someone with neater handwriting the write out the words on the side. However they are slanted and I don’t think the writing exactly works with the piece overall so I intend to get a smaller pen/a new large one and write the words repeatedly over the piece so that it no longer looks like a badly drawn mind map. 



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