Marianne and David Tutorial


As I was beginning to consider how to go about creating the artwork, Marianne discussed the possibility of not having the artwork inside of the box, because it may become too much for the person inside and may overwhelm the experience so drowned out the most important aspect of in there which is the audio. She also raised the idea of using an actual mirror instead of just a drawing, but unfortunately this wouldn’t work although it is a great idea, the point of the piece is to purely focus on the thoughts but if you see your own reflection you would then take more notice of that rather than the words around it. 
          Once I added the lighting to the inside and asked David to try it, we decided Marianne was right and the artwork definitely did work better on the outside, because not only would it draw people towards the piece it also added something more to the blank exterior which kind of resembled a crate animals are move from country to country in. I think having this tutorial, especially with someones point of view from outside of the entire project was really beneficial. 
         I was nervous about this though, I knew that doing it on the side of the box meant it would need to be larger scale and I have never worked on a large scale drawing before so this would definitely be an interesting experience. 


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