construction and position


When I’d finished painting the box, one of the interdisciplinary tutors came up to the studio to fix it together, initially he was confused over the fact there was no door but it didn’t take long to explain why. 
       Once it was constructed we discussed how to get the cables for the electronics into the box, we decided I would drill 2/3 holes into the bottom back corner of the piece and feed the wires through that way, he also pointed out that all of them would need to be PAT tested. He was really impressed with the piece which was a nice confidence boost. 

We had constructed it in the exact location it would stand in the exhibition, this is due to the fact that if it was moved the structure would crack and bed, therefore ruining the whole thing and despite some members of the curatorial team not liking the fact they couldn’t move it very much, it would have damaged the piece. It needed to be in a corner as close to a power supply as possible. David explained that the location I had chosen was really good because it was in direct view of the door and would therefore draw attention to the piece. 


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