Tutorial-Sharon and David

In this tutorial I described what I was doing and how far it was, valid questions and helpful tips were raised by both the tutors and the other students in the group. 

I was asked why the box needed to be uncomfortable, I explained this was because it needed to make the person in there feel as trapped within there as someone with a mental illness feels trapped within their own mind. The piece is going to be small and claustrophobic and created in a way that the person inside can only concentrate on the sufferers interview and can’t distract themselves with other things just like people with these illnesses can’t. I think this is a vital aspect of my piece, I intend to block out all natural light, have the person facing away from the door. 

The actual size of the piece was discussed in great detail, as what I imagined was almost a crate like box which was just about big enough for me to walk into, but because I am only about 5″0 a majority of other people would only be able to get in by crouching and having to fit themselves in. The tutors imagined something about the same size of a port-a-loo, however this would be much too tall and wouldn’t have the same uncomfortable factor as having it quite short, David even fit himself into a gap between a wall and some lockers in order to demonstrate the kind of size I could go with.

I told them about my mirror design idea, this was well received, it was felt that this was a strong enough concept and visual to stand alone without being surrounded by my original idea of having a mass of various other illustrations inside the box. The intention was to have all of these based on the mental illness and to have them surrounding the person sat inside. But during the tutorial this was then changed to being a lone piece which the person would sit and face, so they would have to take in what it says and think about the thought process of someone with this condition. 

The piece, especially the artwork/audio is being made in response to my primary source material which is coming from the interview, because I don’t want the piece to be unrealistic or unbelievable. It needs to be directly reflective of someones experiences with a mental illness and that can’t be done by just inferring from generalisations or even psychological facts because not all of those apply to every single individual. 


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