Thinspiration Blogs

These mainly come from tumblr, due to the ease of creating blogs, its more difficult for people to disagree with what you are posting, especially when you remove their ability to send ask messages and add replies to your posts. There are vulnerable individuals searching through the depths of the internet trying to find people who are like them in attempts to feel less alone, they can use these blogs to give themselves goals. 


The blogs are often filled with images of slim women, and inspiring quotes which are aimed at keeping people thinking that what they are doing to themselves is beneficial and they are failing themselves by not continuing. 

These websites are really quite distressing in the kinds of things they are promoting, to people who are in these situations themselves, reading these things can be incredibly dangerous because they stop seeing them as negative things and can only see them as helpful and beneficial. 

ImageThese sites are unbelievably easy to find as well, with only typing into a search engine ‘thinspo’ they are readily available, when looking through one it will lead to more and the further into them you become, the worse they begin to become, they start to post things which are so appalling to anyone without these illnesses and yet those with would be likely to follow what they see on their blogs, when combined with images of women they want to look like its a poisonous combination.  

Viewers of these sites are literally bombarded with the concept of skinny or being thinner, with tag lines it becomes simpler for people to continue to view these images without having to scroll through other posts they don’t want to see. Its almost like these sites promote the mind set of ‘absolutely nothing else matters but your weight’ which is probably why some people literally can’t ever distract themselves from their weight. One of these blogs I viewed even spoke about a number of apps on which they were able to calorie count. 
         These sights don’t promote healthy eating, they don’t promote any form of healthy lifestyle, its like somewhere along the line and in the depths of tumblr, those values go out of the window and all that is said is ‘DONT eat this’ ‘DONT do that’. Over the past few years a huge emphasis has been placed on the ‘thigh gap’ this being the space between your thighs which is supposed to be evidence of being perfectly skinny, however this actually is dependant on peoples bone structure and can even be a sign of deformities. 

ImageOne of the main features of these blogs is the use of weight targets, this is something the sufferers will compare to themselves and if they aren’t the same weight or less than these people they will see themselves as failures, overweight and then begin the process all over again of trying to lose even more weight, they will concentrate on these kinds of things and will only feel a slight sense of achievement when the scales show a decrease. 

ImageThe male world is not at a loss for these blogs either, and yet despite the images shown, there is no mention of actual work towards fitness, like gym visits, muscle food, vitamins etc which is what the men in the photos they post will have done. Slogans like ‘skip dinner, wake up thinner’ are just so toxic, they will stick in peoples heads when they consider food. These things should be concentrating on healthy living and promoting the idea that just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy rather than this. 


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