Size Development


The measurements and a descriptive diagram were then taken to the woodwork room where a tutor discussed the dimensions, how possible the concept was and what I could do with them in order to reduce cost and waste. He suggested the use of a black out curtain for the roof and the door so that the individual would be able to get in and sit down easily, and although this is a great idea for the door, the box requires the difficulty of movement that having the roof will cause. Having a blackout curtain however will also reduce the amount of light allowed into the box accidentally (if there is any)
Due to the placement of the blackout curtain as the door, this would mean that the artwork would need to be moved around to the back wall, which is actually beneficial to the project as another student pointed out, if the artwork had been on the back of the door, people may have walked in, not seen the artwork and gone back out, whereas having it somewhere they will immediately see as they walk into box means they will be more likely to stay so that they can look at the piece and understand the project as a whole more. 

However the cost was an issue as well as the amount of wood that would be wasted as a result of the construction, altogether it would have cost a minimum of £60 purely from the wood despite there being at least 2 meters of MDF spare afterwards. As a result, I decided to see how much I could minimise the boxes so that less was wasted and less would be spent. 



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