Size Development cont…

Upon return to the studio, I realised that the tables width and length were close to what I wanted for the box, so I began by measuring the table, and then closing the area down as much as possible by putting a chair on there and seeing how closely the section fitted around it. Then seeing if someone could fit into that area with the chair and get off with relative ease. 


I then asked someone taller to attempt it in order to see how much leg room would be required, when found that it was feasible, i then took the measurements into another room with more space where i measured out the area on the floor and began to construct some kind of walls around the piece which would stop anyone trying out the area from going over the lines accidentally. 


What I did realise is that because the seat is going to be moveable it won’t be difficult for an individual to sit down and to give extra space, that I should use a stool instead, this also takes away the comfort of a backrest and should submerge the person into the experience even further. 

Using this method allowed me to see just how confined the person is going to be, it is a very small space. I worked on how tall the piece should be using the tallest student on viscom and he stated that a height of 180cm could in fact be too much and I then reduced the makeshift roof (a cutting mat) by lowering it down until he said he felt it was enough, this sat at 163.5cm which is only 1.5cm more than I had initially planned. It was the sides around which saw the biggest difference and upon return to the woodwork tutor, we found that the reductions had saved 3 pieces of MDF from the sides and the roof. Including a reduction in the amount of waste that would be caused by the other pieces. 


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