Measurements of the piece


The aim of the box is to cause the person inside it to experience discomfort, this is why I intend to create the piece so that they can fit inside and sit down, but so small they will be made to feel trapped and uncomfortable. This is to symbolise individuals with mental illnesses being trapped and struggling within their own minds, the difficulty of being stuck within something which makes you feel enclosed and cut off from the rest of the world.
So I needed to measure the box to fit around someone, this allows me to reduce sizes where possible after seeing how people are able to move within the measurements which in turn allows material reduction/minimising waste material and fulfilling the intention as much as possible. To do this I asked a 6″1 indiviual to sit on a chair facing forwards and masking taped around them as close as possible, it was easy to adapt when we began to work out how to move around the chair. 


The person is facing towards the back of the door which they will have needed to close behind them in order to be completely absorbed into the experience. This is where some artwork will be which the person will be facing throughout their time inside, so they will be forced to look at it and read what it says. 
Using this method I measured the length width and the height, although the height was difficult due to not having anything to compare it to, it allowed me to measure just above the head of the individual when sat down which was 162 cm.


Notes from before- plans on how to measure 
Notes from after- the measurements


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