All questions given to the interviewee

General Questions

1. Did you receive any kind of support for your illness? If so from who?

2. If yes- How do you feel this helped you overall?

3. What was the nature of your illness/did it have a specific name?

4. Was it something which permanently affected you, or could you have good and bad days?

5. What were good days like?

6. What kind of things did you experience on bad days?

7. Did you experience intrusive thoughts?

8. How did you cope with the illness? (if had counselling, before they sought help)

9. What kind of things helped you?

10. What kind of things would impact your mood enough to make you feel down again?

11. Can you recall a point where your illness became obvious it was more than just a bad day?

12. Do you feel there were many things leading up to the illness, or do you struggle to understand where it came from?

13. Have you developed your own coping mechanisms? Or if had counselling, are there any techniques which you were shown which you still use now?

14. What was the nature of your condition? 

15. How did you feel about yourself at this time? 

16. What emotions did you experience daily? 

17. Do you feel on the road to recover? 

18. How have you begun the process if so? 


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