Working with others

Throughout this year I have had the opportunity to work with an array of people, and had very different experiences with all of them. Despite issues in some cases, working in groups allows a stronger idea flow and opens concepts up to more view points which for visual communication is very important.
            My first experience of working in a group came during the Zine day, although we did struggle at first with an idea because we all felt the same way about where we had gone, we produced a piece we were all incredibly happy with and which got a great reaction from others. It showed how bouncing ideas off each other and working everyones ideas into one piece can produce something really fun and strong. However despite doing the narratives film with the same group I had a very different experience. We disagreed hugely on the direction in which to take the project and this resulted in the group splitting into two, taking us from 5 to a group of 3 and another of 2, increasing workloads and pressure, limiting resources and ideas. The group didn’t work, there was a lack of dedication and I very much felt like I was being relied on too much to get everything organised and done, even when arranging filming days I would be without response for days until the morning of the day when both other members would have a reason not to come, additionally I was the only one who turned up to every session and tutorial which was a lot of added pressure. Despite this I did learn valuable lessons on how to engage people, working with other peoples strengths and how to cope with stress when things do begin to fall apart so I’m glad I had that experience.
            Later during the send and receive module I was in a group I hadn’t worked with before, or even knew that well but it was obvious from the start we were all very enthusiastic and dedicated, people wanted to learn new techniques from those who knew more in other fields and it was fun teaching people, it feels like a valid use of information remembered from inductions. We worked incredibly hard to do what the charity wanted, and I know everyone loved working with the volunteers, it was an incredible experience getting to know those people and learning about their struggles and also their strengths. Working with people with learning difficulties was a real learning curb, it taught us how to interact with people in a way we wouldn’t in university, the way we interacted with them and what we spoke to them about was vastly different to what we talked about together. We had so much fun and there were some wonderful personalities in the charity.
            Overall the process of working with other has benefitted me as I was very much someone who wanted to work alone, however now I look forward to more group work.


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