strengths and weaknesses

Over this year I have changed quite a lot, not only in my practice but the way I am. 

I’ve begun to experiment far more than I ever have before, and its something which is really exciting to me. I no longer feel like I don’t know what I want to do because I can only do one thing and don’t enjoy that very much. I have found that I do have stronger abilities in various areas, but at the same time this has helped to highlight the things I do need to work on, such as typography and illustration. I want to work on my illustration in particular because although its not something I am particularly strong in, it is something I greatly enjoy doing and to be able to produce some really good illustration work would be highly beneficial to me in the long run. 

In my personal statement I say that I am highly critical of myself, which is still true, but now I do believe more in the amount I can do even in bad situations and still manage to produce something worthwhile. I’ve learnt to deal with stress far better and I don’t let it get the better of me any more, which helps me to keep ideas clear, not panicking also has given me the ability to do even better things because in the past I’ve just given up at the point of panicking. 

The SDP project in particular is something I am incredibly proud of, its a big piece with quite a few components which all need a lot of care and attention, at the point I am now with it and the various disasters I’ve had along the way I would usually be much more stressed at this point than I am but I really like what I have produced and think it does what I wanted it to quite well. I just hope that others feel the same way. 

I’ve found I have some quite strong abilities in video/audio editing which I didn’t expect, from the experiences I’ve had with it so far I can produce a piece which has a strong narrative all the way through. I can also add footage or audio into places that it wasn’t previously and make it work far better than I ever expected I could, on various occasions there have been sentences edited together so well that nobody has noticed that they shouldn’t have been. However I do need to work on how much I do, because I do it for hours on end and it becomes difficult to see mistakes etc when you have been staring at the same things for so long, I need to begin to take breaks or find ways not to allow that to happen as it could ruin what could have been a great edit. 


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