After the screen printing induction at Vernon Street I have been really eager to go down and do even more, but I didn’t real confident enough in what I could remember from the session and didn’t want to be asking for help from the technicians too much because I know how busy they are. So I decided to do some research of my own before I attend the workshop because this will give me more confidence and give me more technical knowledge of the facilities. 

It was incredibly useful, it even showed the very basics like the correct way to hold a squeegee and it also showed other pieces of screen printed artwork, which was really great to look at because it showed the extent of things which can be done with screen printing, opened my mind up from very simple designs to much more interesting intricate ones. 


Over the summer I will be working on illustrations and various other things which I then go on to screen print. This may be the pointillism artwork I have already been doing or even expanding my own knowledge of typography which is something I have particularly struggled with and tried to avoid over the past few months. 

However I didn’t just want to be limited to printing onto cartridge paper and began to look at other things that can be screen printed onto. This resulted in me taking another book from the library on screen printing onto fabric. I think having these kind of things printed onto things like fabric, it changes the audiences reaction, as its easy to just wander past a screen print on a wall and only think about it for a second or two, but when something unusual is done to a commonplace object people become fascinated with it. The book showed what you can do with the screen prints and gave some really helpful tips on how to do this. 


This book gave me more ideas for future projects which I am hoping to begin working on very soon, especially the Tshirts, as I think it would be incredibly exciting to screen print my own tshirts. Its fascinating how many ideas you get just from reading a book about techniques. 


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