New Job


I was recently offered a job at a new restaurant in Leeds and I’m incredibly excited to begin working there very soon. The restaurant is a chicken rotisserie place which will offer quarter, half and whole chickens for various prices, amongst various sides including salads. However it isn’t how incredible the food actually looks which is making me excited about working there but the ethics and the opportunities this job holds. The restaurant takes pride in ethical food, using locally sourced free range chickens of a very high quality, they are very conscious about gluten and aim for as many gluten free dishes as they possibly can and they also provide ice-cream from the Greedy Goat company which because it is goats milk which has 10% less lactose than cows milk. 


After working at Primark for the past few months it is a massive relief to be able to move on to work with a more ethically concerned company, who I will also be able to work with and make suggestions for improving this even further. Primark are renowned for their lack of ethics, with the clothes being produced in sweatshops with terrible conditions etc. I do think it says a lot about the company when in their inductions with new staff they immediately have to defend their actions and attempt to explain to everyone that they do take measures in order to prevent disasters like the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, they claimed that they paid the people who lost family etc in the tragedy, but this doesn’t make up for the fact that these people a year on are still suffering from the trauma of what happened to them, their friends, their families and their coworkers. Many of whom are petrified to return to the garment world which is one of the biggest industries in their country, those who were injured in the collapse now have to struggle day in day out with missing limbs and scars. Why was this allowed to happen? It was not a freak accident, people knew this building was too dangerous to go in after huge cracks had begun to appear and managers were even warned not to allow people in, and yet people were still forced in and made to work until the 8 stories came down. Companies like primark who employ people in these factories have a duty, and they are clearly not fulfilling it regardless of how much they defend themselves. Primark itself made such a massive profit last year (in the hundreds of millions) that they could afford to boost the pay of its workers in the stores, surely this money would be better spent on better campaigns for safe conditions, creating their own factories where treatment of workers can be closely monitored, safety checks and regulations are adhered to and the places are run by trustworthy people from the UK who have already been involved in the company, apparently this is not their priority but it is to raise the pay of workers here in order to boost moral and ultimately boost their profits for even longer. The photos of the factory collapse are truly horrifying and I hate to imagine what the survivors saw. Looking at the pictures, there are just body parts everywhere, arms and legs sticking out of the rubble waiting for someone to collect them to be taken to a grave, its truly horrific and really brings home the true devastation this caused, over 1,200 people died and so many injured, one woman who even gave birth whilst trapped in the rubble shows just how much of a human disaster this is. 



ImageI’m excited to work somewhere that I don’t constantly hate or feel guilty for being involved with, I also feel it could improve my own opportunities, as this is something which the owners are hoping to expand, and will be wanting suggestions and help over how to do this. My ideas so far is to have student discounts, student nights, themed nights and to get themselves well established at freshers fairs etc as this will give them a huge boost due to the sheer amount of students in Leeds. 


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