Leeds Met Fine Art Flash Show

I attended a flash show set up by first year fine art students from Leeds Met, the exhibition was set up in an old church quite a walk away from the city centre but it was well worth a visit. There were some stunning pieces created, including sweets like trifles, jelly and fruitsalads all containing meat products, like bones, fish, and a huge pig head cake.  
ImageOne of my favourite parts of the exhibition was being invited to join in with a guided meditation, so 12 of us sat around in a large circle and waited for the organiser to begin playing the tape. A large crowd gathered around us and as the tape begun the noise of the crowd almost drowned it out and although it was tempting to just ignore the tape and have a zone out everyone continued to listen. It concentrated attention to various parts of the body, taking negative energy in and negative energy out by imagining spinning spheres, the most beneficial of which is the one on the top of your head purely because its the easiest to imagine. During this the noise of the crowd had died down and they had moved away from the circle, but this created an even more surreal experience because it felt like every single person around you had also left, at one point I was totally convinced it was now me alone sat there. But when the tape finished it turned out everyone involved had felt the same. This was a really interesting thing to be part of, its not something I would usually do but it was refreshing and surreal.

There was also one guy who was doing a reflective piece of the stained glass window version of jesus and he remained in the same position without moving or doing anything else through the entire show and that lasted a good 2-3 hours. It takes a lot of endurance, and willpower to remain with your arms raised above your head for so many hours. 

This exhibition just showed how there are so many different things you can do in art, no matter how complex or how simple they may still work impeccably well. It removed some of the restrictions I had on myself as before this I wouldn’t have considered working on the same huge scale as I have in the SDP module or taking on so many different factors in one go. 


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