Dialogue exhibition

Knowing that typography is one of my weaknesses, I decided to attend a graphic design event held by two third years who had set up their own company. The event took place in the corn exchange and was open to anyone who wanted to take part, the concept was simple, two designers would create separate pieces, which would then be screen printed on top of the other. 
        Although the venue was small there was a huge amount of work in there, and a vast amount of it was incredible, to say the two artists hadn’t seen the others work, many of the pieces really complimented each other. It was great to see so many different typography used in so many different ways and I think this will begin to lift any mental limits I have on what can be done. 
        The double prints looked really interesting and it made me wonder how this could be done within visual communication, I then considered the concept of having a base of large companies which exploit various other countries and legal loopholes in order to improve their profit, and screen print in front of it the effects of their acts, in particular the people they are impacting. This could be a follow up project to the racism book and include various techniques I have learnt over the past year. 


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