Book project idea-Racism

During the SDP module I’ve had a massive amount of new project ideas that I would love to undertake as soon as I possibly can, I’ve become far more confident in my own abilities to produce work which interests and excites people especially after the amount of people who’ve said they are excited to experience my SDP project in the exhibition.

Whilst painting the sides of my installation, I began to think about racism and where the lines are where something is racist and something isn’t, this came purely from a concern that during the next days activity of painting the studio white, I was worried that someone might accidentally splash white paint onto the structure ruining the matte black finish. It got me thinking about peoples concerns of ruining races with interracial relationships, how being around only people of one colour or how people saying that they don’t find people of particular colours attractive etc and how all of this could be considered racist, despite the people meaning nothing malicious behind it (this referring to the final two statements, the first would be quite malicious), just purely preferences in features, personalities, humour and other variables that could lead to this and this has been their own norm as nothing yet has changed it but thats not to say anything wouldn’t.
The concept of us all being the same ultimately, after all we are all made of atoms, organs, blood, muscle and bones, was something I was interested in creating a visual for, not so much the anatomy of the human body but the idea of being the same but with one small variation between us which warrants racist views. This is where the idea of my book came from, at the time I merely considered creating one which had half black pages, half white pages with the same word embossed onto all of them to show we are all the same, something as simple as ‘human’ so that its not a bold piece of type stood out from the background colour, just is enough to just be able to make out. When discussing this with other people on the course, the suggestion was put forward to make the pages different colours, also reflective of various skin colours, so taking into consideration multiple ethnicities.
Personally I am really excited about this idea and want to begin to pursue it as soon as the SDP module is complete, I may ask for a graphic designers assistance in making it look the best it could but I do think it could be a strong piece and I’m already considering if its good enough to see if any publishers would be interested in it. I’m very excited to begin experimenting with visuals, colours and typography in order to create the strongest possible outcome.


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