Book Idea Continuation

When I thought of the racism book idea I did begin to think further about how this could become an even stronger, more visually pleasing piece whilst also having the strong concepts behind it. Concepts and ideas are definitely my strong point, however I often lack the abilities to make those a reality, so I decided to look into the kind of things others have done in order to make their own work look better. I took out a book which is about using everyday things in order to create strong graphic design pieces as this is something I have always loved the look of, it gives it a fresh, crisp, more realistic look to the work which in turn makes it far more personal to the audience than just looking at very flat 2 or 1 colour typography pieces. This way they become much more interested in the reasons behind the piece being created. 


Recently I’ve seen a huge amount of these kind of menus appearing in society, hand written and much more personal to the diners which should make them feel much more relaxed in the restaurant/cafe. It also gives the establishment a much more vintage feel and takes away the industrial vibes. 


I found this piece to be fascinating, the various textures has given the pieces such an interesting look but they catch my eye so well. It just shows how layers, and textures have the ability to completely advance a piece. As demonstrated by Kate on the courses work, she showed me the original piece she had done for SDP and then showed me the newer piece which involved much more textures and better positioning on the included elements and it had totally transformed her work and become really beautiful and strong. 


This piece was of particular interest as just the day before reading this a graphic designer had been discussing with me his wish to create wooden business cards, so we went to the woodwork department to see how possible this would be and it turned out to be quite simple but as these images show it can be a very worthwhile process as they look really different to many business cards which are left around in various bars, cafes and exhibitions. I think I would take more notice if the designer had found an interesting new way to show their abilities. 


I was really pleased when I found this piece, I’d wanted to create the book using embossing and this is a great example of how the technique looked, however I hadn’t considered embossing and printing the piece. But it looks stunning and the simplicity of the pieces are something which I want to have within the book. 


I fell in love with these little cards, its a prime example of how colours and textures can be used to create beautiful designs. This kind of thing isn’t something I’d ever felt confident enough to try because there were already stunning enough pieces like this one in the world, but after seeing all the different things which can be done with them I do really want to begin working on it and seeing the different things I can do, even if the outcome isn’t anywhere near as good as these, there will be plenty of lessons in the process and I’ll know where to improve in the future. 


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