Jacky Fleming Talk


Well known cartoonist Jacky Fleming came to university to give a lecture and despite only being vaguely familiar with her work to begin with, I’m definitely glad I attended as she made so many points and gave us so much to consider in our own practice, things which I hadn’t even considered.  

-interested in feminism, excited by it
-feels men don’t understand where the line is
-believes there are absurdities within law ‘judged by the reasonable man’ how much violence is allowed in pornography.
-commonality of our experience is not mere coincidence but then becomes political.
-amazing how little women have to do to create a stir but men can get away with a lot.
-‘cant cope with a grope’

-contrasting belief systems
-one we inhabit, seen as normal, invisible
-combining two makes ideology
-be aware of the timing
-causes a little collision between what you once thought and what you now think
-‘media coverage is just upsetting’

-george osbourne kept £400,000 from the sale of his second home which the taxpayers paid for
-funnelling money from the taxpayers into their own pockets and yet they call other people scroungers.

The internet means your images can be stolen and copyright is your livelihood. 
-ask for credit 
-permission fees 
-important positioning 

She was a teacher and never considered freelance work until her job was changed by the tories, she believes if it hadn’t been for that she would have remained in the teaching job even until now. 

Don’t underestimate the internet, use watermarks unless you don’t mind people taking your work, chances of you finding out they are using it are quite slim 

Women are deliberately excluded from art practice  
Say inspiring things in language people get, not academic jargon 

Publishers will be trawling through blogs with large followings 

you need an agent when it comes to sorting through contracts later on but it isn’t a necessity in the early stages of your career 

The talk was fascinating and really made me consider more about life outside of university because in first year that isn’t where your mind is at yet but it is still something we should all be thinking about, protecting work is vital and if what Jacky Fleming said is true and people are looking at blogs etc with large followings, the best way to gain those followers is to make sure your name is on all of your work/being credited for everything people post/show about your work. 


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