“If they are advertising it, you do not need it”-Russell Brand

This statement in particular from The Messiah Complex, hugely resinated with me. After writing the COP essay on the first things first manifesto I’ve become fascinated by just how much we are exposed to advertisements and all of the different ways in which it is done. Being as aware of it as I have is definitely helping my bank account, but its really opened my mind to just how annoying it actually is. Due to it being something we are so used to without stepping back and really taking notice of it all we wouldn’t see that its absolutely everywhere. Its so commonplace that its almost becoming subliminal without being hidden. 
      What Brand said stuck with me purely because to an extent its one of the truest things I’ve ever heard, if it was a necessity like breathing, we would need signs around us saying ‘BREATH NOW’ etc. If the effort has to go into selling it to us in order for it to be moved off the shelves then how much do we really need it? Its a fascinating concept and one which if taken seriously by every individual work for graphic designers and others who’s work is purely consumer driven, would be completely wiped out, obviously thats not something society can afford to do but it is worth considering just what we need in comparison to what we want as a result of advertising. 


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