The Messiah Complex

Comedian and actor Russell Brand recently released the DVD for his latest comedy tour The Messiah Complex and despite being full of Brand’s typical humour it really does raise questions about the society we live in, ones which have really stuck with me personally since viewing the show. One thing in particular which did fascinate me is the comedians speech about the title and what exactly it meant, I was aware of what the Messiah Complex is, it being the believe of the individual that they are a saviour of the human race/the world however I was not aware of the fact that in Jerusalem there are psychiatric wards specifically dedicated to this illness. After further research it has become apparent that not only do these people believe that they are massively important but they can also be dreadfully dangerous, one case being a man in Mexico who believed he was Jesus Christ, a cult formed known as the ‘Defenders of Christ’ the man gained money and kept women as sex slaves. Another man who believed himself to also be Christ drove into a gas and electric worker.

The extremity of these peoples beliefs and just how dangerous they can truly be is utterly fascinating, its incredible that in the 21st century there are still individuals who could believe this kind of thing. It is almost like childhood mentality/beliefs of being superheroes etc. This is definitely a topic I would be interested in researching further as its just so interesting.


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