Over the past few months I have noticed a particular style of work appearing in various places, it is images/shaps/symbols compiled of hundreds and hundreds of tiny dots. I first found this work through a tattoo artist called Hannah Snowdon who creates various dot work pieces but also includes geometric elements which adds a really unusual edge to somewhat traditional looking pieces.
            It is the technique of painting which uses small painted dots of pure colour in various patterns in order which eventually begin to form an image. There are various different types of this artwork, some of it with larger dots which creates a more blurred image, and ones with smaller, finer and closer together dots which form a sharper image and this is the technique many artists are beginning to adopt now. The use of colour is something that I hadn’t seen until doing more research into pointillism, as I had previously only seen this done in black, with very little colour added unless it was for the geometric shape. Pointillism can also be known as neo-impression and divisionism, and now many artists and their audiences have began to refer to it purely as ‘dot work’.
            Artists such as Maximillien Luce, Van Gogh, Paul signac and Henri-Edmund Cross have used the pointillist techniques. Luce in particular is of interest to me because of the amazing amount of detail he creates using the tiny dots, very realistic but at the same time still has the particular old/vintage look pointillism creates, this could be because it personally reminds me of old tv’s with a lot of white noise, static and large pixels that changed how the image looked.
            I’d really like to start experimenting with these techniques, as I feel it would be interesting to try to work these into my own work in some way, in particular I would like to do screenprinting using this as although I know it could be quite tricky due to the sheer amount of tiny elements involved but it would be a really great process to try and master. I think working in my own interests/opinions into this kind of artwork could be a really unsual and interesting combination.


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