Pointillism Images


Because I want the inside of the box to include a variety of images, I needed to begin to move away from Mandalas and work with actual images and work to see how well they work with the dots, and if a huge amount of detail is lost. So I decided to create this heart with ice crystals, initially I created it for it to be included in the piece and it was made to represent the cold hearts of the people who ignore mental illnesses. However I didn’t feel it was a strong enough piece to include and wasn’t to do with the suffering individual which is what I need the images to represent. The best piece of the image for me is the crystals, I think they stand out so well against the rest of the piece and look exactly how I had intended them, although if done again I would work closer with how they merge into the heart itself as they look like they are being hidden by it as opposed to growing out of it. Additionally I would need to improve how the hearts veins look, they don’t fit the rest of the piece and rather than looking like veins they look like a weed growing over it, they’d need to be smaller, and less obviously standing out against the rest of it, its almost highlighting the weakest point. 


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