Pointillism development


This was my first attempt at a mandala involving pointillism, it was very small as from research I knew that this kind of work can take a long time to finish due to the sheer amount of dots which must be made. It was good practice to work with symmetry within this kind of work and although there are some small issues it is something I am aware of and will continue to practice and work on before any kind of pieces are included in my project. The piece took nowhere near as long to complete as I had expected and so larger pieces will be attempted so more detail can be included. 


This one was far more like the kind of pieces I want to be producing, although there are still small issues with the symmetry of it overall the piece worked much better. Its much more complex and although it did take longer to complete it was far more enjoyable than the initial piece, the only things I would change about it are the thick black outline around the edge and the fact there isn’t enough black block colour in the middle of the piece as this gives it a much more central point as the first piece had, that being one of its strongest features. Once again I was surprised that the dot work didn’t take as long as I had anticipated, the outline and figuring out what patterns to involve where were the most time consuming bits which gives me a lot more confidence where other images involving the dot work are involved. 


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