Some Facts


Mental Illness Facts

-9/10 prisoners suffer some form of mental illness.
-Depression affects 1/5 older people, whilst it affects 2/5 older people who live in care homes.
-The united Kingdom has one of the highest self harm rates in Europe.
-mild anxiety mixed with depression is the most common mental illness affecting almost 10 in every 100 people.
-1 in 10 young people experience mental illness.
-9/10 people who suffer from mental illnesses suffer discrimination and stigma.
-90% of individuals who commit suicide were experiencing a mental illness at the time of their death.
-In a 3 month monitored period, 74 television soaps referred to mental illnesses, within these 64% of the references were deemed flippant and unsympathetic, with things such as ‘basket case’ ‘sad little psycho’ and ‘crackpot’.
-women are more likely to be treated for mental illnesses
-men are more likely to succeed with suicide.
-women are more likely to have illnesses like depression, ocd and anxiety, whereas men are more likely to have issues like addiction.


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