Starting points for research

Having studied psychology from high school to achieving an A at A Level, I feel I have a good understanding of mental illnesses and the theories surrounding them, this means that I won’t be working on a subject that I don’t have any experience with and will feel confident with the knowledge I base the work on. 
During A levels we were provided with multiple fact and theory heavy booklets which I decided to keep, these will give me a referral point I am comfortable with throughout my own project for any additional points I may need to include. 


The booklets I will be utilising the most will be Psychopathology (mental illness) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, as these booklets are the most concentrated ones on the information i will need to include. 


In addition to these, I also own another book on psychology which has a very wide scope of facts and has really short, sharp explanations of theories, which if I am trying to explain these illnesses to people without any prior knowledge of them could be useful to take some tips from. 





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