Self Directed Project Brief

For my self directed project I intend to create an installation piece which allows members of the public to experience how mental illnesses can feel for those who suffer from them. This is due to people within society’s continuation to brush off these illnesses as something which are not as important as others, this kind of attitude can cause individuals to feel they cannot talk to those closest to them for support as they could be seen as attention seeking or overreacting. It can also lead to issues like self medicating which often leads to heavy addictions, whether this is drugs, alcohol or sex, when the root cause in fact is a mental illness which with the correct help can begin to be controlled.
The piece should be interactive, which will allow the public to both see and hear various components so that it almost submerges them into the experience. The intention behind creating this installation is to increase empathy for those with mental illnesses and to raise awareness. Undoubtedly the concept will be controversial, so keeping in mind how these things can be perceived is also vital for this project.

(to be amended after meeting with David where necessary)


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