Ridicule of Putin and Russias stance on gay rights.

Once the comedy world heard about the conditions in Russia, they were just as outraged as everybody else, but rather than sitting or ranting about it all online they instead did what comedians do best and ridiculed those who were to blame for the situation worsening. For many years Vladamir Putin has been accused of being a very in denial homosexual, with various pieces of artwork/comedy material being made on the subject. 
One show recently took this to a whole new level. The Last Leg on channel 4 which began as a result of a small sideshow during the summer paralympics, became a weekly television show based around disabilities. The show became incredibly popular, and one of the presenters Alex Brooker, is my boyfriends brother-in-law. The presenters raised the issue of the conditions in which LGBT people are living in and went on to show their support for the people suffering by doing everything in their power to turn Putin into a real gay icon.  This included projecting Putin onto the side of a Gay club. 

they also created a song called ‘Too sexy for Sochi’ which takes a huge amount of traditional russian icons and uses them in a situation which makes them appear to be homosexual. 

Additionally they also showed ‘Gay Mountain’ which channel 4 used in the run up and during the games, and additionally channel 4 changed the colours of their logo to rainbow colours as a mark of support. 


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