When the media attention switched from the London Olympics to Russia for the Winter Olympics, the news filled with masses of stories, documentaries and interviews regarding the oppression of homosexuals and transgenders in Russia including information on various pieces of legislation brought in by the Russian government. Due to the main religion being Russian Orthodox many of the peoples beliefs there are that being homosexual is a sin due to various interpreted passages from the bible.
            Although Russia has been making some steady improvements over the past two decades they are nowhere near close to equality. In 1993 sexual activity between two consenting same sex adults became legal, shortly after in 1999 homosexuality was then declassified as a mental illness, approximately 30 years behind the United Kingdom. In 1997 transgender individuals were able to legally change their gender and from 2003 onwards the age of consent for homosexuals was the same as straight individuals. 
            What has shocked a majority of the western world is that despite these changes, various pieces of legislation have also brought in which limits the freedoms and rights of homosexual couples, including the distribution of homosexual propaganda meaning there is no right to claim that same sex couples and gay couples are equal and to raise awareness of how homosexuals are being treated and why it is wrong, as this would involve distributing information along with claims that they are equal to other relationships. Another is the banning of group protests, and that there has to be a certain distance between any individuals who are, although it has been reported in various documentaries that when the police see people following these guidelines but doing the picketing for gay rights they are moved along/arrested regardless of how well they have followed the guidelines, whereas others who do the same but for other causes see a more lenient approach. Picketers for gay rights on Russias streets are also regular targets for attacks/harassment/verbal abuse by other citizens of various ages who all share the beliefs that homosexuality is a sin and is just as bad as paedophilia. It has been reported that similar attitudes sit with judges in the courts who, if presented with a case of an attack on a lone protester for homosexual rights will drag the court case out due to the fact that after a certain amount of time the case will be thrown out and therefore the defendant will be allowed to walk free. During these trials the victim will also be subjected to a mass of character abuse from the defence including fabricated lies designed to belittle the individual in front of the court.
            Another component is that discrimination against gays isn’t actually illegal like it is in many other countries and therefore they are not given the same protections that straight people are. This means that a surge of gay hate crimes have taken place, especially after the anti gay propaganda legislation was passed. Documented evidence shows organised gangs hunting homosexuals through social media sites, arranging meet ups under the pretence that they are also homosexual, and when the gay individuals shows up to meet them there is a gang of people waiting for them ready to film humiliation strategies including urinating on the person, these events often end in the person being attacked and having their torment uploaded online in order to shame them to the wider public. Although these groups claim to be only hunting paedophiles they are found to be targeting homosexuals.
            The western world has united in their disagreements with the treatment of homosexuals in Russia and many now believe that this is now beginning to drive further changes in rights for homosexuals in great numbers of other places. The mass of propaganda being produced by other countries, including turning everything Russia has done recently, into various homosexual innuendos and turning Vladimir Putin into a gay icon is showing to countries which are only just bringing in various new legislation for gay rights that this is how much of the world is now beginning to view gay rights and the humiliation of what people are doing to Russia is very much a catalyst for a change in the way these things are now seen. 


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