Opposition to the Last Legs acts.

Because it is such a serious topic, there is always going to be opposition to what someone does, but I don’t think anybody involved expected that opposition to come from the British Security Services who told the men to ‘calm it’ because they knew the issue was so volatile along with Russias relationship with numerous countries at the moment. 


Additionally another piece of opposition came from the gay magazine Bent, who don’t feel that the issue is being taken seriously enough by the trio. They highlight that because it does involve so much violence against people that it deserves to be treat with a huge amount of respect and dignity and that there are other ways of showing support for the issue. 


These kinds of views do need to be taken into account whilst I am developing my own proposal, because if the piece of artwork is something which the gay community despises and feels insulted by, it will have done the exact opposite of what I had intended. Through the various areas of development of the pieces I will aim to do it with dignity and make it a real tribute to homosexuals in Russia. 


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