Final mock ups


The final idea is that for weeks, a giant, lone Russian Dolls stand within Millennium Square until the beginning of August when the Gay Pride Parade comes to the square. 


On the day the opening ceremony will include the unveiling of all of the dolls situated within the original traditional doll, where there will be music and dancers and even an introduction to the pieces from one of the event hosts and an explanation to the audience as to why they are here. The audience will also be given the option to write various support messages to the LGBT people of Russia and they can add them to the bottom of the taken apart large doll, these will later be made into a video which will be uploaded online and people from Russia will be able to access it to see whats happened here and to see that they are being thought of in those hard times. 


This is the point where all 6 dolls will be presented to the crowd, whom will then move on throughout Leeds with the parade and these dolls will remain standing for a further fortnight so other members of the community are able to see them. 


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